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Customer Care


  1. kindly check your flight/date/timings/name as on the ticket while accepting your itinerary.
  3. Please reconfirm your complete name(first name and last name as on your passport) in your itinerary before making a purchase. Many Airlines do not allow name change on the itenerary once ticketed. You will be responsible for any name error and will have to pay the necessary penalties to reissue the ticket subject to availability.
  5. Domestic: Kindly reconfirm your departure time on the day of the travel from respective airlines and at each stopover. International: You must reconfirm your continuing or return reservations atleast 72 hours prior to flight time departure. (for airline toll free numbers, please visit the Airline Info section)
  7. Cancellations inclusive of all costs are anywhere inbetween $350.00 to $450.00 depending on the airline / seasonality. Cancellation and refund policy for every airline is not necessarily the same. Airline cancellation policy for consolidator tickets are different from full fare tickets. Refund of the ticket takes anywhere between 8-10 weeks.
  9. On Sunday/ Holidays and same day, passengers should arrange to get their tickets cancelled by themselves. On Saturdays tickets for cancellations will be accepted upto 2.00pm only at our office.
  11. Please cancel your ticket atleast 24 hours before flight departure, else you might lose upto 50% to 100% plus cancellation charges. 7. NO REFUNDS ON LOST TICKETS. No refund if airline closes down its operation. No refund on partially used tickets.
  13. Some airline tickets are totally non refundable. Please get all details before completing the purchase. Airline has the discretion to change their rules. As and when they decide to do so we have to abide by the airline policy.
  15. We act as agents for airlines and accept no responsibility for cancellations of flight, re-schedule of flights by airlines. Even if the airline cancels a flight and agrees to give a full refund, there will be a minimum service charge.
  17. We are an agency working on behalf of the airline and the consolidator's desk policy governs our major policy changes.
  19. We are not responsible to inform you about any schedule changes or flight cancellations. We are not responsible if your reservation gets cancelled due to dupe reservation(making multiple reservations on the same airline through more than one agency) in the airline system. We will do what is possible on our behalf to help you.
  21. We will put in any request for meals and seating but are not responsible if the airline does not honor it. We will make a request for any complimentary accomodation as per pessenger request, but we do not govern the airline. Airline decision would prevail when it comes to anything that is complimentary. You are free to reconfirm your request with the airline prior to departure.
  23. Some airlines have made it mandatory for us to issue only E-Tickets. If you intend to buy only paper tickets the airline has additional charges. Please verify at the time of purchase with our representative.
  25. Please reconfirm with the airline whether you require any TRANSIT VISA before purchasing your ticket. We are NOT responsible for updating you of any changes in transit visa regulations.
  27. Please reconfirm with the airline about the baggage allowance and restrictions before departure.
  29. Check returned fees is $50.00.

Disclaimer: In the event CUSTOMER fails to make payment according to terms and conditions, Darpan Travels may charge interest on the unpaid balances at the highest permissable legal rate of Interest as allowed by New Jersey State Law. If it becomes necessary to institute a legal action to collect the outstanding balances, Darpan Travels Inc. shall be entitled to a judgement of all the unpaid balances, accrued interests and reasonable attorney fee and all other costs incurred in such legal action as allowed by New Jersey State Law.


Many countries require visas for tourists and business people.darpan Travels recommends that you check with the appropriate consulate(s) at least six weeks before the international departure dates.Many countries have strict visa requirements and may require multiple documents before they issue you a visa.


Listed below are some links that will help you get started in your visa process. These links will direct you to an embassy of your choice, where you can call and ask for the appropriate visa requirements.


The Electronic Embassy

The Electronic Embassy provides information on each of the embassies in Washington D.C., with links to Web-based resources where available. This is a great site to get information about any embassy in the United States of America.


U.S. Department of State List of Visa Requirements of Other Countries for U.S. Citizens

This listing is for U.S. citizens traveling on tourism/business and does not apply to persons planning to emigrate to foreign countries. This listing is prepared from information obtained from foreign embassies prior to April 2001. This information is subject to change.


U.S. Department of State Visa Requirements for Foreign Citizens to Enter the U.S.

This listing is for foreign citizens traveling to the U.S. It provides a FAQ, downloadable forms and provides links to relevant U.S. agencies like the INS.


Embassy of India in Washington, D.C.

2107 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W, Washington DC 20008 Telephone: (202) 939-7000


Indian Tourist Visa Application

This Visa Application is provided by the Embassy of India in Washington, D.C. You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this application. Please click here to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it installed.


Click The Following Links For More Information

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